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Possession of hemp seeds in Spain is not a criminal offense (Vienna Convention 1961 ) . The cultivation of cannabis may be subject to administrative and criminal sanctions (Art . 25.1 of the Organic Law of Protection of Public Safety and Art . 368 of the Penal Code).

We ship all our seeds with the restriction that they are not used by third parties against the law , Canabiseeds.com not propose to induce anyone to act against the law .

With this explicitly point out that anyone who buys our seeds are responsible for their future actions.

The description of these and other products for sale on this web page are extracted from companies and books written in countries where laws do not prohibit the consumption of certain psychoactive substances ( Netherlands) , this means that some descriptions make allusions to its effects after consumption iN NO EVENT means you can consume , it is merely information since these products are sold only for medical and therapeutic uses, botany students , naturalists, collectors , souvenirs from Holland, etc ..

If they are used for human consumption will always be under the sole responsibility of the buyer and on this fact, the company declines any possible responsibility .

Unfortunately , regulation and export regarding marijuana seeds vary from one country to another often. For this reason we strongly recommend that you ask about the regulations that apply in your country and fulfill the law.

USA , Australia , Germany and Asian countries or any other country where possession of hemp seeds is illegal : buying these products from countries where marijuana seeds are prohibited by law , for example , is prohibited.

However, if a purchaser in a country not mentioned above the purchase any of these products irresponsibly without first having informed about local laws in this regard , the company disclaims all responsibility for possible legal problems caused and will not reimburse for materials paralyzed or rejected by customs in the line of duty .

We need your commitment and responsibility.

Security in the Purchases

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Security certificate

All the information transmitted between you and canabiseeds.com is confidential and is encrypted when sent online. For this purpose we hold a security certificate that allows the encryption of exchanged information and the certification of the owner of the website. This certificate is issued by the leading certifying entity: godaddy. It has the same security, functionality and characteristics as on-line banking services.

What is a security certificate?

It is a set of electronic documents issued by a certifying entity that enables the transmitted information to be encrypted and the source of said information to be identified.

For the certificate to be trustworthy, the certifying entity must be a trusted body capable of certifying the source of the information.

What is the SSL protocol?

The SSL protocol is an information exchange protocol that allows the authentication, confidentiality and integration of the data sent online to be guaranteed.

In order for the SSL protocol to protect the information hosted on a website, it is necessary to install a security certificate on this website.

The security certificate enables the encryption of the information exchanged and identifies the source of this information. These two techniques are the principles on which the SSL protocol is based.

The SSL protocol is currently the most widespread method to guarantee said information exchange. When you browse SSL-protected sites using Netscape or Internet Explorer, you can see that a key or a padlock appears at the bottom of the browser screen. The same thing happens in Mozilla Firefox's browser bar. If you double click on the key or padlock, the certificate details will be displayed.

SSL protocol-protected website addresses start with https://. For example: https://www.canabiseeds.com

Data protected during the registration and purchase processes

The registration screen, where the customer sends their details to canabiseeds.com, is encrypted. The customer’s details are therefore fully protected and only dinafem.org can access them. The payment process screens are also protected by 128-bit encryption. Therefore, from the moment the user starts entering their personal details in the initial phase of the payment process, until the payment by card has been completed, all the data entered by the user are 128-bit encrypted and are therefore completely secure.

By adopting this system, dinafem.org can receive payments from any VISA or MASTERCARD user, making shopping easier. Credit card fraud is a crime and canabiseeds.com will prosecute any person that carries out a fraudulent transaction at our online store.

If you still have any queries, please send us your question, suggestion or complaint.


Hobbygrow SLU

  • Hobbygrow
  • Avenida de los Alpes 48
  • 08940 CORNELLA
  • info@canabiseeds.com
  • +34 935 21 63 55
  • +34 662 135 142
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