Chizpa by ZatuChizpa by Zatu

Chizpa by Zatu

Chizpa by Zatu With the best strains selected in America and Europe we provoke this “Chizpa”, sponsored by Zatu.
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Chizpa by Zatu With the best strains selected in America and Europe we provoke this “Chizpa”, sponsored by Zatu.

Chizpa by Zatu

This pack includes:

- Chizpa (6 seeds) + Positronics Vibes Vol.2 CD.

This new sativa will run through your veins all the way to your brain, natural adrenaline with flavours from the new continent mixed with the best of the old, exploding with "Chizpa". Powerful heiress of the selected parents chosen, on the trail of new Californian strains, trip after trip, test after test, and a careful selection that includes Sour Diesel plus an Elite California Clone and our best Haze, plus the secret component with which to achieve the perfect taste and effect to cause positronic "chizpas".

With a good base and a clear objective, where we wanted to go and what parameters we had to follow, all that was left was to find a sponsor who met certain requirements, and above all a lover of the plant and positronics. Zatu Rey was the chosen one, the perfect master of ceremonies to develop a powerful variety without fear of growing everything. We put months of work with our new strains at his disposal, he watched them grow, flower, kept tasting them to continue selecting, and we went back to cultivation until he got a hold of the best of the best. Inspired by the "chizpas", Zatu together with Gordo Master, Little Pepe, and Niggaswing went into the studio again to create Positronics Vibes Vol. 2, an album full of smoke, of cultivated lyrics, of flowers with rhythms, of jumps with the mind, of flights between clouds.

This sativa hybrid, with tremendous vegetative power, will surprise veteran sativa growers, lovers of the exquisite bouquet of the best flowers, and will reward neophytes in their beginnings. Its growth is fir or candelabra type, with an abundant distance between nodes to achieve a distribution of its large leaves and branches, which benefits the breathing of the plant, necessary for its quantity of buds. It will not provide a large number of leaves, but they will be large in size. Its central bud is powerful, with large and long branched flowering hairs and large resin.

Mainly Sativa
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