What we do not know about the roots of cannabis

None part of our precious plant is lost!!

Usually, it's the leaves and buds of a cannabis plant that draw attention, though the roots of the plant have their own significance. In fact, people have incorporated the roots of cannabis into medicine for thousands of years!

6 things you might not know about the healing properties of cannabis root!

First appeared in China

The first recorded use of cannabis root as a drug, goes back to 2700 BC. around Shennong to Ts'ao ching. Translated as the Classic Reading of Herbal Medicine, this ancient Chinese text states that the root of cannabis was a pain reliever. Dried and ground to form a paste, it was often used as a treatment in broken bones.

Reduces inflammation

Until early 20's, doctors in the United States have proposed cannabis root for the treatment of inflammation. The secret behind the practice? It may have to do with the fact that cannabis roots contain several pentacyclic triterpenic ketones. These compounds are praised for their anti-inflammatory effects.

A weapon in reducing cancer cells

Pentacyclic triterpenic ketones contained in cannabis roots are believed to cause apoptosis or programmed cell death in cancer cells. Although research is minimal, cannabis roots can be shown to have effective anti-cancer properties!

Promotes healthy cell membranes

Cannabis roots also contain small amounts of choline. Water-soluble choline is thought to be a necessary nutrient that contributes to the growth and maintenance of healthy cell membranes.

Used to stop bleeding

Greek medical author Horvasius wrote that dry cannabis can be used to treat burns, when mixed with pigeon droppings. While you may want to keep away the guano, cannabis roots have been proven to be effective in treating various skin conditions. Cannabis is a valuable construction, energy, therapeutic and recreational medium that accompanies humanity from its appearance to this day.



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