Top 10 hemp seeds for Spring

Spring has come for good, so it's time to start organizing your cultivation. If you want to grow cannabis outdoors during this summer, then you have to start from now. We are lucky, because mediterranean climate gives us endless choices in varieties that thrive. Although we should be careful whether the variety is resistant to mold due to the humidity of the climate, there are several sativa hybrids that have high moisture resistance.

Start your plants indoors

If you start your plants indoors, they will become stronger, healthier and more likely to survive.

Cannabis does not differ from any other garden plant, such as cabbage or tomato. In fact, tomato and hemp have similarities in their development.

Top 10 Cannabis Seeds for Spring

We have made a list of our favorite seeds for spring sowing in Greece.

Most are dominated by sativa, with a high yield per plant and fairly easy to manage even for novices.

#1 Pure Power Plant from White Label 60% Sativa, 40% Indica High THC High Yield
#2 Strawberry Cough from Dutch Passion Mainly Sativa Medium THC Very High Yield
#3 Girl Scout Cookies from Blimburn Seeds Mainly Sativa Medium THC High Yield
#4 Critical Jack from Dinafem Seeds Mainly Sativa High THC Very High Yield
#5 Amnesia Haze Auto from Royal Queen Seeds Mainly Sativa High THC High Yield
#6 Magnum Auto from Buddha Seeds Mainly Sativa High THC Very High Yield
#7 Super Lemon Haze Auto from Green House Mainly Sativa 20%+ THC High Yield
#8 BlueDream from Humboldt Mainly Sativa THC 19% Very High Yield
#9 Early Pearl from Sensi Seeds Mainly Sativa High THC Very High Yield
#10 Jack 47 from SweetSeeds Mainly Sativa High THC Very High Yield

As a bonus, an Indica, Alpujarreña, from Pyramid Seeds.



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