Auto Malawi x Northern Lights FemAuto Malawi x Northern Lights Fem

Auto Malawi x Northern Lights Fem

We present Auto Malawi x Northern Lights, ACE Seeds' first 100% autoflowering strain!
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We present Auto Malawi x Northern Lights, ACE Seeds' first 100% autoflowering strain!

Auto Malawi x Northern Lights

Old Killer Malawi x Northern Lights Auto

This hybrid of excellent vigor and structure produces a huge main cola and powerful side branches loaded with well resinous buds, while its production and quality will surprise even the most experienced autoflowering growers.

The first version of this hybrid produces 3 main phenotypes. The first, more indica phenotype matures in just 8 weeks since the flowering is started, producing an average yield. The second phenotype (the most interesting in our opinion) produces potent sativa/indica plants (with a flowering of about 9 weeks and a half), of huge yield, very complex terpene profiles, abundant resin production and excellent flower/leaf ratio. The third and last phenotype develops in flowering an almost pure sativa expression (so it usually needs about 10 weeks of flowering), allowing the autoflowering growers to experience with very sativa african phenotypes, quite rare in current autoflowering strains.

The terpene profiles are fragrant and complex. The aromas in flowering can vary between Petit Suisse and strawberry yogurt (in the more sativa Purple Malawi phenotypes), and fruity juice (pineapple, pear, peach) in the better yielding green sativa/indica phenotypes. The most extreme sativa phenotypes have woodier aromas and a longer flowering time.

Its high begins with a sensorial, mentally lucid effect, that increases the thoughts; then it becomes more dense and dreamy, finishing with a pleasant, narcotic and relaxed effect.

Since Auto Malawi x Northern Lights starts the flowering after 4 or 5 weeks of life, it is important to maximize the growth as much as possible using from the beginning pots of at least 7 liters for indoor growing, and pots of at least 15-20 liters for outdoor growing.

The indica and sativa/indica phenotypes require moderate/high levels of nutrients, while the more extreme sativa phenotypes require a soft feeding.

The colas of the very high yielding sativa/indica phenotypes usually require support in late flowering due to the huge volume and weight they reach at the end of flowering.

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