Auto Lemon Zkittle (Kix)Auto Lemon Zkittle (Kix)

Auto Lemon Zkittle (Kix)

Las Vegas Lemon Skunk Autoflower
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Las Vegas Lemon Skunk Autoflower

Auto Lemon Zkittle (Kix)

Auto Lemon Kix has one of the most complex and fruity flavour profiles in our autoflower seed collection. You can smell a certain sweet, fruity fragrance reminiscent of a well-known USA brand of small, colourful candies. Expect a rich attractive fruity/skunky scent, a citrus-like taste and a very powerful, long-lasting euphoric high.

Auto Lemon Kix is the strain of choice if you are looking for the fruitiest aroma in an autoflower with a high THC content. These sativa dominant autoflower seeds provide a complex fragrance and taste that is simply hard to match. The buds are bursting with terpenes - the compounds which produce the deep aroma and tasty flavors in cannabis. They are also loaded with THC-rich trichomes. It is a very potent autoflower that produces beautiful light green, white buds with a thick sticky layer of resin that smells and tastes incredibly fruity. It can best be described as a sweet mix of tropical fruit and lemon, very penetrating and tasty!

Auto Lemon Kix is an autoflower with a slightly longer seed-to-harvest cycle than average. It will take about 12 weeks before she is ready to harvest. In non-ideal culture conditions, this phase can be delayed by around 1-2 weeks. This is also true if grown outdoors at more northern or southern latitudes. Colder or unstable weather conditions can delay flowering, so it can take around 100 days before she is ready for harvest outdoors. She was originally developed for indoor cultivation, but will also do well outdoors, especially in more moderate and warm climates. If you want to grow her in Northern Europe/North America or in South Africa/South America, we recommend choosing only the best 3 summer months with the longest days and the most hours of sunshine per day. Only with enough hours of daily sunshine will she grow into the autoflower she is destined to be outdoors.

THC Content:
Very High (over 20%)
Flowering Time Indoors:
90 days
Creative , Euphoric
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