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Afghan Express

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Developed to dazzle everyone with its refreshing virtues, Afghan Express is a third-generation autoflowering strain.

Afghan Express

Its origins from the Middle East give this plant great size and strength, which are surprising for an automatic.

Developed to dazzle everyone with its refreshing virtues, it’s a third-generation autoflowering strain.

The ancestor of our Afghan is an old clone donated by Wernard Bruining, selected for its excellent THC/CBD ratio.

We created a hybrid with our best Ruderalis.

The descendants were crossed together over various generations in order to stabilise and provide Afghan Express with a large size and a high profile of cannabinoids.

The plant has a completely Afghan structure: robust and large branches, leaves formed by thick and wide leaflets of an intense green colour.

The buds it develops are large in size and completely covered in resin, surprising all growers.

Without a doubt, Afghan Express will reach an enviable size.

If we start to sow the seeds from the month of May, it will reach full plenitude during the vegetative state and flowering.

This might lead inexpert growers to wonder if it really is an autoflowering plant.

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